Urban Farms

Urban Farms

Fully monitored and controlled ultra-low energy urban farms.

Urban Farms


iGrowing are leading the horticultural sector delivering unique vertical farm solutions, providing ground-breaking energy efficiency growing environments whilst maintaining a high-quality crop. iGrowing’s vertical farming technology can be used in a variety of applications including: urban farms, shipping containers, LED Test Grow Laboratories, warehouses and growth chambers.

All the systems are controlled and monitored centrally from a purpose-built growing App. This enables iGrowing customers to control the mix and intensity of blue, red, and far-red LED lights independently of each other which improves growing cycles and crop yields, a perfect energy-efficient growing system for multi-tiered indoor farms wanting to use the best cutting-edge vertical farming technology available.

This ultra-low energy horticulture LED lighting system not only reduces running costs but also the cost of energy generation as these installations can be electricity demand limited and tend to install and run their own power plant. With the combined ability to incorporate solar power and battery technology, makes this an amazing growing solution for modern agriculture.

Innovate UK Urban Farm Tomato Plants growing in a Vertical Farm
Vertical Farming Centre Reaseheath College

Benefits to You:


• A fully automated, monitored and controlled vertical farm.
• A hydroponic system minimises water usage.
• Maximises space and improves growing cycles.
• Energy demand is reduced by up to 70 percent.
• Adjust individual light recipes and environments.
• No pesticides required, increasing food security.
• Reduced air miles.

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